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Video showing Double

EZ2Dancer is a Korean dance game from Amuseworld. (note: Amuseworld lost their case against KONAMI concerning EZ2DJ and it is likely that we won't see any other games from this company)

As any other dance game you have to confirm notes at the correct time. The notes scroll from the bottom of the screen to the top, where you can find 5 or 7 stationary white target notes. When a scrolling arrow overlays the white target note you have to confirm the note either by stepping on one of the three panels on a platform or by moving a hand above/under a sensor. All your confirmations are evaluated as follows: Cool, Good, Oops.

UR, UL, D arrows on the screen correspond to the foot panels Up-Right, Up-Left and Rear. The blue and green circle notes correspond to the hand sensors (blue for the upper ones, green for the lower ones).

You can play the game alone or with another player (1 or 2 players). For single there are Easy, Hard and Real difficulties. Hard difficulty uses only 5 sensors, Real style uses all of them (7). Double uses all foot sensors and four hand sensors (the "blue" ones). In Hard mode, it is up to the player to choose the songs he/she wants to play (one by one). In Real mode you choose a course containing three songs each.

Double is also available. In this game you will find it under Club style.

At the end of the game you'll see your letter grade, your score, your max combo and the number of Cools, Goods and Oopses you got during game play.

Speed modificator: 2x swoosh your hand under the lower hand sensor

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-00:00 29/11/2010