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Para Para Paradise

Video showing how the game works => Feeling of Love [n]

What is Para Para Paradise?

Para Para Paradise (PPP) was first introduced in 2000 in Japan. It's an another Konami BeatMania game. Konami took advantage of Para Para Dancing, which is a type of Japanese dance, where a dancer uses mostly his or her arms. Para Para Dancing was known in 70s and was quite popular.

PPP has five motion capture sensors. As every BEMANI game you have notes scrolling on the screen and your objectif is to confirm them. To confirm the arrow you move your hand under (or above) the sensor at the right time. There is five directions for PPP L, UL, U, UR, R. In PPP you use normaly your hands but you can use other parts of your body as well.

Eurobeat is the kind of music you will usually hear. But you can find there some original Japanese tracks and other songs from other BEMANI games. The songs are rhythmic and quite fast (not fast enough for DDR^_~). You will encouter freezes and two arrows at the same as well.

PPP has two modes. Para Para mode, were you confirm arrows while Para Para dancing. The second mode has three difficulties - Easy, Normal and Hard. You can do whatever you want (freestyle) while still confirming the arrows.

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